Slim down with our GLP-1 method

Proven safe and effective
Individual guidance by GP and nurse
Easy to fit into a busy life

Who is Healthy Weight Clinics suitable for?

For anyone with a BMI ≥ 27:

who strives for a lasting healthy weight

who does not want to be constantly busy with "losing weight".

who opts for effective and proven medication


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About us

We are GP Bert Stelder and nurse Mia Hendriks.

From our own experience, and from experience with overweight and obese patients in our general practice, we know how difficult it is to lose weight permanently without it taking up all your attention.

Even at 5% weight loss, the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases is reduced. Reducing belly fat also ensures a better immune system.

Recently it has been scientifically proven that GLP-1 medication (subcutaneous injection) really helps to lose weight. This has given us the green light to start with Healthy Weight Clinics GLP-1 method to introduce.


Our method

What does our method consist of?

We use GLP-1 weight loss medication that reduces your appetite. This makes it easier to eat less and you feel satisfied for longer. See broadcast NPO radio 1 of February 11, 2021: “The panacea that suppresses the appetite” A game changer”

Our program:

You come to the clinic for an initial extensive consultation. Your medical history, blood values ​​and body composition (including weight and abdominal fat) are mapped out. Together we choose the most suitable route for you. We monitor you closely and periodically repeat measurements to track your progress.

Are you convinced and do you want to get started?